15 pcs Stainless Steel Ball Plungers 10108P Plunger Medium Pressure 5/16-18

Timer WH12X10337 for GE Washer 1264489 AH1482374 EA1482374 PS1482374 Genuine OEM. Stens Control Cable 290-747 for AYP 417238,Black, PANEL SCREW KNOB SLOTTED #4-40 Pack of 10, 1,000/Bulk Pkg. 3/16 OD x 3/4 L x #4 Hole Aluminum Round Spacer. GE K521109 AquaMatic Retaining Nut and Ring Kit EP. FILTREC DHD140G10B Heavy Duty Replacement Hydraulic Filter Element from Big Filter 2-Pack. 15 pcs Stainless Steel Ball Plungers 10108P Plunger Medium Pressure 5/16-18. Female Pack of 5 1.312 Length, #8-32 Screw Size Hex Standoff 0.375 OD Stainless Steel. 4 Pieces 103217 MakerBeam XL Black Anodized Beams 1000x15x15mm. 63 Teeth 1 Width 0.500 Pitch BESTORQ 315-H-100 H Timing Belt 31.5 Outside Circumference Rubber, Door Knob Stopper 6 Pcs,Cheaboom Silicone Round Wall Protector Self Adhesive Wall Guards Stopper Door Handle Bumper Rubber Stop White, FDSF 6PCS Ceramic Tile Drill Bits,Masonry Drill Bits Set for Glass Wood Tungsten Carbide Tip for Wall Mirror and Ceramic Tile with size 6 8,10,12mm Brick 6 8 Concrete, ONGUARD 79052 PVC on Non-Woven Polyester Protex Bib Overall with Snap Fly Front Size 2X Yellow.15 pcs Stainless Steel Ball Plungers 10108P Plunger Medium Pressure 5/16-18, Aluminum 1.50 inch Female Camlock x 1.50 inch Male National Pipe Thread Adapter,

Within the research project FLAIROP (Federated Learning for Robot Picking) we are leveraging the potential of federated learning in the context of autonomous robotic picking in a warehouse environment.

FLAIROP is a partnership between Canadian and German organizations. The Canadian project partners focus on object recognition through Deep Learning, Explainable AI, and optimization, while the German partners contribute their expertise in robotics, autonomous grasping through Deep Learning, and data security.

For more information, please visit the partners‘ press releases.