StarTech 18 in Serial ATA Drive Connection Cable

Amphenol Part Number 97-3100A-28-16S 639. 1 OD x 3/8 ID x 1/16 Thickness Endeavor Series Neoprene Rubber Washers 60 Duro Primal23 Industrial Endeavor Series Rubber Washers 100 Pack, Killer Filter Replacement for ENGINEERED FILTR EFI-0055999. beioust Wood Glass Lifter Foot Buckle Door Brick Non-Slip Alloy Lifter Gypsum Board Operation Lift Maintenance Tool. StarTech 18 in Serial ATA Drive Connection Cable, Johnson Pump 01-46794-05 Screw 10-32 UNF x 8 Brass, 60Pcs Mini High Speed Steel Plating Titanium Straight Hand Twist Drill Bits Tool Twist Drill. PC CABLE for Samsung LN40T71B Part # : BH39-20337VG. Brass Fittings 1 4 X 1 4 Hose Splicer 32093.StarTech 18 in Serial ATA Drive Connection Cable. NUTW-43125 100Pcs Rivet Nut M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 for Multiple Uses Galvanized Carbon Steel.

Within the research project FLAIROP (Federated Learning for Robot Picking) we are leveraging the potential of federated learning in the context of autonomous robotic picking in a warehouse environment.

FLAIROP is a partnership between Canadian and German organizations. The Canadian project partners focus on object recognition through Deep Learning, Explainable AI, and optimization, while the German partners contribute their expertise in robotics, autonomous grasping through Deep Learning, and data security.

For more information, please visit the partners‘ press releases.